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Abacus 3D

Abacus 3d is a fantastic board game for the whole family! It is easy to learn and fun to play. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to have a great time with your friends and family. This classic board game has been played for centuries, since at least the mid-19th century. The name of the game may be derived from the ancient Indian counting device called an abacus, or a generic Asian counting board, which usually has beads, pebbles, or small markers along the edges of a slightly concave surface arranged in rows. However, many variations of this classic game exist around the world that feature different themes and objects incorporated into them. In some countries, this traditional game is known by other names such as “Ludo” in Latin America or “Sundae” in Asia. Games such as Ludo are played with a standard deck of playing cards that come in several versions such as French playing cards and American playing cards (standard 52-card deck that includes one Jokers card). 

The Abacus is a game that requires concentration and calculation. You will have to think fast in order to calculate and keep track of your money. It's not as easy as it looks. But you will get the hang of it very quickly. The more you play, the more you will improve at it. Keep trying and keep playing until you beat the highest score possible in this game. 

Do you have the abacus skills to match your brains? This game is positive thinking at its best. With simple and yet so enjoyable graphics, this brain challenging game will keep you hooked for hours. Have you got what it takes to master the abacus? Well if so, then read on to know what this wonderful little counting device can do for you.

How to play Abacus 3D

Using Mouse

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