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A puzzle game for true sports aficionados is called Poeltl. Your goal in this game is to correctly identify an NBA player within eight trials. You will get indications regarding the player's team, conference, division, position, height, age, and jersey number with each try. To provide the correct response, use the colored hints and arrows. To make the game simpler, use the silhouette mode.

How to play Poetl

My first piece of advice is to try common NBA players.
You have eight opportunities to correctly identify the player's name, so keep researching NBA players.
Try to consider the player now, or you may use the tips that we post every day on this website.
There is a good chance you will find the proper term if you do the steps outlined above. If not, you may look at the solution that is also given on the same page.
I strongly advise reading the daily newspaper or internet news if you are failing every day.

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